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Hozio Offers Responsive Design Services for The Bronx, NY Businesses

When The Bronx, NY business owners want to improve their success, there’s only one company they call: Hozio. A boutique Belmont SEO firm, we offer the services you need to improve your online visibility, increase your traffic, and boost your profits. If you’re looking to take the success of your eCommerce website to the next level, look no further than Hozio!

What is Responsive Web Design?

Desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets; there are so many different screens that people can use to view the content they’re looking for on the internet. While all of these devices can provide users with access to the same website, the way the site loads and is viewed from one device to another is totally different. A desktop computer screen is much larger than a smartphone screen, for example, and that size difference has a huge impact on how a website responds to each device

If you’re visiting a site that has a “fixed” design when you view it on your desktop, it might have four neatly arranged columns, but when you visit the same site on your smartphone, you might have to scroll to the left or the right in order to view all of those columns. Additionally, the site may be slow to load on your mobile device, images may be distorted, and you may not be able to find the same elements that you were able to find on your desktop (such as the shopping cart or contact information) on your smartphone. Not very convenient and pretty frustrating.

Responsive web design fixes these issues. Responsive sites automatically adjust to the devices they’re being viewed on. A site that has four columns on a desktop computer may have two when it’s viewed on a smartphone, for instance. It loads faster, the images are properly sized, and all elements can be easily found. In short, a responsive design makes your site easy to use on all devices.

Why You Should Be Using Responsive Web Design

Why should you consider switching to a responsive web design? Consider the following benefits it provides: 

  • It lets you appeal to all users. There’s been a massive increase in mobile device use; in fact, the majority of consumers use their smartphones and tablets to find the products and services they’re looking for. However, that doesn’t mean that desktops and laptops are completely out of the picture. In fact, many shoppers use their computers and their mobile devices to look for products and services and make online purchases. Responsive design allows you to appeal to all users, no matter what device they’re using.
  • Increased satisfaction. When your website meets the needs of all users, satisfaction significantly increases. Think about how frustrated you are when you can’t access all of the content on a site you’re visiting on your mobile device; your visitors experience the same frustration if they’re having that type of experience with your website. When your site is functional, attractive, and easy to use on all devices, your visitors will be much more satisfied.
  • Increased conversions. According to recent statistics, users who have a bad experience with your site on their mobile devices are more than 60% less likely to purchase a product from you. Therefore, if your site is responsive, it’s safe to say that your conversions are going to increase.
  • Improved SEO. Due to increased mobile use, responsive design is now an important component that search engines take into consideration when ranking sites on their results pages. When visitors have an easier time accessing your site on all of their devices, they’re more likely to stay around for a while, and the more time users spend on your site, the more value it offers. Search engines give higher rankings to more valuable sites, therefore responsive design has become a crucial component of website optimization.
  • Reduced costs. When your website is responsively designed, you don’t need to have two different versions of the same website, which can significantly reduce your costs. While it might be a bit more expensive at first, ultimately, maintaining one site instead of two is much more cost-effective.

High-End, Highly Effective Responsive Web Design for your Belmont, NY Businesses

With all the benefits that responsive web design provides, if you aren’t taking advantage of it yet, you really need to consider jumping on-board. Hozio, one of the most trusted graphic design companies in New York City, provides high-end responsive web design services that will yield highly effective results for your business.

Our team of highly skilled experts is a master of responsive design. We implement the latest technologies and the most advanced tools to deliver incredibly powerful results. We’ve helped countless business owners throughout the area increase their Google page ranking, boost their visibility, improve their conversions, and enhance their overall success with our expert web design services. Experience all of the benefits and reap all of the rewards that responsive design offers and contact our team of experts today!

To learn more about our services, to schedule an appointment for a consultation, or to take advantage of our free SEO and page rank analysis report (a $299 value), call 646-430-9796 at your earliest convenience; but don’t wait too long, because staying on top of the competition is vital to your overall success, and the longer you wait to take advantage of our services, the more customers you stand to lose to your competitors. The team at Hozio looks forward to working with you and improving your overall success.

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