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Hozio, a Long Island SEO Company, is a small boutique advertising agency.

Our team of innovative, fresh, creative and forward-thinking website designers and SEO experts in and around Long Island and NYC are on top of the latest cutting-edge technology and trends in the online marketing, SEO and web design industry. Our owners use common sense business tactics and view our clients as partners. Our goal for you is to help your company reach your goals.

There are many pieces to the online marketing puzzle. SEO generates new customer leads, social media produces referrals and engaging websites inform clients about your services as well as aggregate emails to get you future business. All these pieces together render a successful marketing strategy.

We pride ourselves on being an elite, unique, transparent and honest Long Island and NYC SEO company because our focus always remains on your ROI (return on investment). You can access your own data and see and feel the results of how we are working with and helping you.


Online marketing is also much like a puzzle. There are multiple pieces that, when put together, render a full picture. If you have just one piece missing, your puzzle may be “off” and incomplete. The same premise rings true when talking about internet marketing.

We believe these five pieces are critical to a fruitful and profitable online marketing strategy:

Website Design: Using the best-in-class technology, we create websites that will WOW your customers. Our NYC website designers use cutting-edge technology to make your brand stand out. Hozio’s staff is highly experienced in the design and development of cutting-edge websites and mobile products. Our experts follow best practices while creating innovating technologies to attract and keep the user informed about your brand and message.

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization): What good is your website if no one sees it? Our Long Island SEO Company’s marketing team apply a series of customized tactics to obtain high search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. SEO makes your website visible to both potential clients and search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. This maximizes the number of visitors to your website from major search engines via natural [organic] search results. In other words, you don’t have to pay per click.

PPC (Pay Per Click): Pay-Per-Click advertising directs traffic to your website. It is the quickest way to get to the first page of Google, and it is also the most “flexible” because your ad can be started and stopped instantly. PPC is the fastest route to page one google search results. Expensive Pennysaver or magazine ads virtually render zero results while depleting your marketing budget. With a PPC campaign, you get to choose your target audience, geographical location and you can set the monthly budget. The best part is that PPC ads are delivered to those who are already looking for your products and service.

Social Media: Social Media advertising is one of the best ways to get new “referrals.” It is considered to be the electronic word-of-mouth. When a user shares your message or brand with their friends, the appeal will resonate stronger since it’s coming from a trusted source. The old saying that “time is money” has a negative connotation and implies losing dollars. However, if we view social media in the same way, then you have an opportunity for time to make you money. We think a bit different than all the other social media and SEO companies. We don’t approach internet marketing and social media marketing with cookie-cutter strategies because they don’t work. We put the gimmicks aside and get you real ROI results.

Remarketing:  Have you ever visited a website and then leave that website – but magically and mysteriously – that website keeps popping up and following you around in banner ads every time you go back online – and go to other sites? Well…. that is called remarketing! When people leave your website without buying anything, remarketing helps continue to try to sell your products or services to customers that are in the “decision stage” for a little bit of time – even when those potential clients are no longer on your website.

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