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Are you on social media?

Yes, social media can be really fun with the endless memes and gifs that they entertain us with daily. Social media is also a dynamic tool to help boost your SEO. Taking the time to figure out which social media platforms are most effective for you can not only boost your organic growth but it can attract the right attention to you and your website. A Long Island digital marketing company can help you save a ton of time when looking to build your brand on social media.

We helped them, and we can help you too

Scott Kupetz
Scott KupetzCEO of Scott Kupetz, DMD
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"We have been a client of Hozio for over 8 years and could not be happier. We added a location and needed to be know in the area. We were up in running with new patients in a few days and they keep coming!"
Chris Terrones
Chris TerronesCEO of Chimney Restoration of KC
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"We would get 2-3 phone calls a day normally but after working with Hozio we started receiving at least 20-25 calls a day."
Eleazar De Luca
Eleazar De LucaCEO of Dragon RTC
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"Hozio blew my business up. We went from having 6-8 wrestlers in our open class to 30+ wrestlers a night in our weekly class!"
Thomas Jones
Thomas JonesCEO of Jones Tree and Plant Care
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"I had my doubts in the beginning, I’m sure we all do but when the calls came in I was a believer. The calls came in and haven’t stopped."
Chad Murray
Chad MurrayCEO of Masters Services
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"I own a large service business with 30 trucks in multiple states. Got me on first page pretty quickly so I added more and WOW! I don’t care how much money I spend with them because they have blown up the results!!!!!"
Brian Adkins
Brian AdkinsCEO of The Adkins Academy, Inc
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"Hozio focuses on results and are paid for getting you results, not just for marketing smoke and mirrors like others."
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Promoting your content

Social media allows you to not only get creative with how you share your content but also how many different platforms you can use to share it. By using print, photo, audio, and video, you are able to drive traffic back to the main content on your website. Having access to different social media channels, you are able to use them to not only further push your content but also market your work as well. One of the best ways to drive traffic back to your site is to take the highest-producing pieces of content that you have on your website and create more content tailored for your social media audience.

Local Engagement

Using social media, you can collaborate with local brands and companies and cross-promote. If you have a company or blog, use your local surroundings and geotag your location for people to find you easily. Hosting local events in neighborhood-specific locations will help you meet potential clients or viewers (depending on what your website is about) and expand your network. Using the blog on your website, create content that is locally relevant. Of course, record this engagement and add it to your social media channels. 

Link Building

Using social media can help your audience find you more easily and have people with much larger followings, also known as influencers, link your website to theirs, which can be an instant boost to your followership and eventually lead to sales. It can help you get the momentum you need to reach more followers and grow your audience. Using social media is also useful because it attracts more external websites to yours. That’ll give your website more diversity, which Google will take note of; it’s a point in your direction. Keep in mind the quality of your content needs to be top-notch, or else it will not seem competitive to other similar sites. It’ll make you seem sketchy and untrustworthy. High-quality content can make or break your ability to grow your audience. 

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Brand awareness

The best thing that social media does for your brand is give you direct access to your ideal audience. You are able to tailor your content however you want to communicate with whomever you want. By consistently producing content and engaging and interacting with your audience, you will slowly start building a following. More eyes will become attracted to you and your website. Using platforms such as Buffer, Hootsuite, or Sprout Social, you are able to schedule and plan the rollout of your content. That saves you a ton of time in your day-to-day activities. Taking a few hours a week to fully plan your future content keeps you from stopping multiple times a day to post.

If you’re using social media, did you remember to add icons to your website? If you haven’t, how do you expect more people to find you? If people like your content and want more, you want to make sure that they can easily find ways to engage with you. Keep in mind also that it’s easy to tag a person on a social media site than it is to share a whole website. Not adding your social media icons can lower your viewership simply because of inconvenience. 

Overall, using social media increases your engagement, which can help you sharpen your brand faster and lead to more sales and a larger audience. More than anything, it takes a little time to figure out which platform works best for you. A Long Island digital marketing company can help you come up with the right content, which will help you attract your ideal audience.

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West Hampton Dunes is located on a barrier island in the Town of Southampton. The barrier island was part of Fire Island until a nor’easter in 1931 split the island creating Moriches Inlet. The inlet created a geographic oddity whereby the town of Brookhaven actually has jurisdiction on land immediately west of West Hampton Dunes although Brookhaven land access to it involves a nearly 20-mile (32 km) drive through Southampton.

The village incorporated in 1993 in attempt to have more control over its precarious state since it was obliterated in the Great Hurricane of 1938, 1991 Halloween Nor’easter (“The Perfect Storm”) and again in a 1992 nor’easter. Specifically, the village wanted to have a say in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers handling of the barrier beach-particularly in response to a series of groynes at Shinnecock Inlet that have created major beach erosion “downstream” in the longshore drift. Almost immediately after incorporation, Gary Vegliante, the village’s first and to date only mayor, sued the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for $200 million. The Corps settled the suit and began replenishing the beach leading to a building boom on what had been a devastated empty section of beach.

The American Shore and Beach Preservation Association named West Hampton Dunes one of America’s top restored beaches. In 2007, resident Yale Nelson finished a documentary on the town history which premiered October 20, 2007, in Westhampton at the Hamptons Film Festival.

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