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How to make my website SEO friendly and attract the right viewers

Having a website is a great way to get the ball rolling when you’re looking to share a product or service. Knowing how to properly boost your website’s visibility is key in reaching your ideal audience and having more eyes on your website. A Long Island internet marketing company can help you with your SEO concerns.

Can a slower site affect me?

The short answer is yes, absolutely! As the internet gains more and more users, speed is a key component of whether people want to stay on your site or not. A slow-loading page is a terrible first impression for your website, and can ultimately hurt your rankings significantly. Nowadays, when people land on a slow website, they find it untrustworthy. According to Neil Patel, “a 1-second delay in page load time can yield a 7% loss in conversions.” Many potential readers find it discouraging, and quickly move on to the next. To keep your website running in top shape, little things such as keeping a clean sidebar and deactivating plugins can make a difference.

Is it okay to add links to other sites?

It is recommended to do so! Yes, linking to other websites takes people off of your page, but it can attract others. Adding relevant links is a very attractive element because it helps with optimizing your standing with google. Linking to other websites not only helps with SEO, but it also helps with analytics. Linking to other websites tracks the traffic that is coming and going to, from, and through your website. Linking out can potentially in the long run benefit you by increasing your visibility with other personas online. From bloggers to influencers, to journalists, your increased visibility will only encourage them to eventually do the same for you. That, in turn, means they will link to your website which will invite more traffic to see your work. 

Be mindful of who you’re writing for

Yes, using keywords is a great way to boost your viewership, but keep in mind that when creating content, you’re still looking to provide inspiration, and/ or information, which is a service to your audience members. Google is not your audience, Google is a tool that you use to reach as many ideal audience members as possible. Provide value to your readers, they will come back and bring some friends along. Once google notices, it will step in to help you find even more to help you grow your ideal community. Remember, your audience members are the ones that are going to spend money on whatever you have to provide regarding a product or service. Google is not.

Don’t forget to have people link your site onto theirs!

Just like you add links of others to your website, you want other content creators to do the same for you! Having the link to your site not only means that you are a trustworthy source for them, but that will also build the trust of their audience members with you. When people start to see your website popping up in their sightlines regularly, they will essentially see you as a trustworthy and reliable source of information for content that they are looking for. 

Social media can only help

Using social media increases your engagement, which can help you sharpen your brand faster, and lead to more sales and a larger audience. More than anything, it costs a little time to figure out which platform works best for you. Once you do, with the right content, you will be able to attract your ideal audience with little to no money coming out of your pocket. It’s basically free marketing that can only help when done right.

What keywords are you using for your images?

Think about what you type in when you’re looking for a particular image on google. You normally spell it out for the search engine so that you can land on the exact thing you’re looking for, right? If you’re looking for “red pumps”, do you type in “high heels on sale,” or do you type in “red pumps?” Keep that in mind when you’re creating keywords for your image searches as well. Keeping it simple, and being direct is your best bet. Save the extra creativity for your content when you’re writing it. 

These little tips can help you boost your SEO and help you find the right audience that you are looking to communicate with. Hiring a Long Island internet marketing company can cut out the extra stress of figuring out how to navigate the world of SEO.

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