Hozio Pay-Per-Click Questionnaire

  • What Do You Want Your Business To Be Known As?
  • Are there any days that you don't work or accept calls (i.e. Sunday)
  • Exclude Location Keywords And Locations You Don't Want Your Ads To Be Seen Or Clicked On.
  • For each campaign, you can select locations where you want your ads to be shown. Location targeting then allows your ads to appear for people in those locations. Where your ads will be shown to potential customers. I.E. If you only service Suffolk County, but want customers who work in Manhattan but live in Suffolk County to be able to find you, I would show your ads throughout Suffolk, Nassau, and NYC.
  • Is it a storefront location or a service area location that goes to customers?
  • Is There Anything In Your Line of Work That You Specifically Know That We Should Negate or Exclude (e.g. job search, brands, etc)
  • E.G. In business since 19XX, In business over XX years, XX% off items, 24/7 availability, fully licensed and insured, etc
  • What Brands Do You Sell, Services You Offer, or Models You Offer? I can do one of the aforementioned options (Brands, Services, or Models) but not all of them.