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Is it a good idea to connect my blog to my facebook page?

Should I  Connect My Blog to my Facebook Page?

Facebook is the old dog on the social media block. Yes, many of us enjoy daily engagement with family, friends, and constant interactions with friendly acquaintances. Facebook can also be a dynamic tool to help bring visitors back to your website. Taking the time to use your friends’ and family’s eyes for not only your facebook engagement, but driving traffic to your home site can attract the right attention that you and your business can benefit from. Not only will it help boost your organic engagement, but it can also help you get dual engagement; one from your Facebook page, one for your actual website.

Although getting engagement through Facebook is a great way to boost traffic to both your social media sites as well as your website, there are restrictions when using Facebook to blog. Having a blog on your website is one of the most beneficial things you can do if you’re looking to pump up engagement, and build your audience. Trying to blog on Facebook is not a good idea, but using Facebook to promote your blog by starting conversations can be a great tool. You’re not only able to improve your social media engagement, but also build curiosity around your longer form content, and drive traffic back to your website. Many people start their content creation on Facebook because it’s a free platform where one is easily able to grow an audience.

If you’re more comfortable using Facebook to create content, there are two tools within the app that you’re able to use.

Facebook notes: If you’re determined to blog using Facebook, notes is the best feature for you. It allows for longer form content to be posted, and you’re able to add a header photo. Unlike a regular blog, you’re unable to share with other social media channels. It’s stagnant on your Facebook page.

Simple organic posts: What’s on your mind? This is very familiar to anyone that’s ever been on Facebook. It’s the default form of communicating on the platform. For a “what’s on your mind” to be effective, it is recommended to use 100 characters or less for your posts. You’re able to add photos, but they have to be one at a time. You’re unable to organize your photos how you want throughout your posts.

Having your own separate blog has more perks for you, the content creator than trying to do it strictly on Facebook.

There are many more benefits to owning your own blog instead of using Facebook as the platform to publish your blogs. First and foremost, YOU OWN YOUR BLOG!!! You have 100% control of everything that goes on and off of your page. You have the final say about your content, visuals, audio, video, etc. On any social media platform you have no control about anything because they control the algorithms. They are the gatekeepers, they can decide to delete your content if they want. With your own blog, you have complete freedom to express yourself however and how often you want.

On your own blog, you’re able to refine your skills as a writer, orator and on-camera personality. You know what they say; the more you do something, the better you become at it. Constantly posting on a blog will cause you to refine your skills as your blogging career progresses.

One of the best things about having your own blog is you’re able to monetize your content. Not that you’re unable to do it on Facebook, but since you own your site, your connections are strictly yours and you don’t have to deal with any possible restrictions that may come with using a platform for your content.

The best reason to use Facebook when it comes to your blog is to create a buzz around it. Briefly paraphrase the longer content, and start a discussion with your followers. Link the article to your page, and have them go to your website for the rest of the content. Use Facebook to find your tribe, and gently guide them to your online stomping grounds.

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