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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Website Now

Your website is your digital storefront, and you want passersby to come in and stay awhile. Just like a physical storefront that has inviting window displays and signs that grab attention, so should your website. It’s common knowledge that you only have a short amount of time to attract and keep visitors on your page. According to a Neilson Norman Group study, users will only read about 20% of the words on a page. With that being said, your site needs to be uncluttered and be clear in your message with calls to action. Here are five simple ways you can improve your website to increase your conversion rate and keep visitors returning.

Web Navigation Tabs

Web navigation tabs not only helps your visitors find the information and products they are looking for, but it also helps search engine rankings. When creating your web page tabs, use descriptions and words that your visitors would use and search for. Don’t use industry jargon, acronyms or clever headlines on your navigation tabs. These terms will not impress your visitor and only confuse them. For example, if you are an exterminator and the name of your blog is called “The Rat Pack,” don’t display that on your navigation tab. Simply state it as “blog.”

Call to Action

Making a clear call to action on your website is key in getting your visitor to do something next. If you want them to do something, you have to tell them. Anyone truly experienced in web design knows how important calls to action are for the long-term success of a website. 

Here are some great examples of calls to action:

  • Download our free brochure
  • Get an insurance quote now
  • Sign up for our free newsletter

A great way to test your call to action is to use the “WYLTYWILT” test (pronounced wilty-wilt). Take the above call to action statements and at the beginning say the following, “Would you like to…” or “Would I Like to…” as this will help you evaluate if your call to action makes sense and motivates your visitor closer to conversion.


This is probably one of the least visited pages on your website. If you have really great testimonials, don’t just put them all in one place on your site. Strategically place them throughout your site where it makes sense. For example, if you sell diamond rings, and you have an awesome testimonial from a customer who purchased an engagement ring, put the testimonial on the page where you sell engagement rings.

Your Team

People want to know who they are buying from. The best way to showcase who is behind the company and what you’re all about is by giving them an understanding of your business culture and who is part of your team. You should create individual team pages for each person as well. This will help search engines rank for your name and the names of your team members when they are searched for specifically. Putting all team members on one page won’t show Google which person to rank for.

Mobile Friendly

Plain and simple, your website needs to be mobile-friendly and is no longer just an option. Google has changed their mobile search ranking algorithms. Mobile friendly sites now rank higher in mobile search results than those sites that are not mobile-friendly. You want your user to have the best experience as well. No one wants to have to pinch in and out of their mobile screen to read an article or shop for a product. You will quickly lose a visitor this way, and they will move on to a competitor that makes it easier for them to shop.

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