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I’m a business owner, why do I need a blog?

Why do I need a blog?

Writing a blog can be incredibly beneficial to your website and business. Although it seems like blogging is an extra step, it’s one you might want to consider if you’re looking to find more ideal clients and customers to purchase your products or services. Having a blog helps you connect with a wider audience, it helps you build your relationships with your potential clients, which in turn can help you grow your sales. Writing a blog for your business forces you to stay in the loop of your industry, which is a huge asset to you and your company.

Writing a blog for your company may seem like an extra tedious task that can take away from your daily business responsibilities. Consider this; writing a blog for your business gives you the opportunity to to connect regularly with your current clients and customers as well as potential customers that haven’t found you yet. It boosts your visibility online, and can significantly help advance your SEO rankings online as well. Being connected with your current customers and potential customers gives you a window into what they, the consumers are looking to buy from you, the supplier. Knowing exactly what they want is free insight as to what they are willing to pay for. That’s free information on how you’ll make the most money!

Most of the time, when writing a blog, many people need to do a bit of research. Not only to find information, but also to find inspiration. Constantly doing research to support your blog keeps you in the loop. It keeps you ahead of your competitors as far as upcoming trends and changes within your industry. Keeping on top of these changes can help you make necessary adjustments to keep your business relevant. Being one of the first or even the first in your industry to make specific changes, can quickly make you an authority in your line of work. That builds trust with potential customers faster, which, in turn, helps grow your business faster.

How much does it cost to hire a PR firm to market your company? Whatever the price, think about what blogging will do for you: save you a ton of money. Blogging for your company is much lower in price. All you have to do is buy the domain for the website you’ll put your blog on, and pay for hosting. Both things are relatively low in price and you can manage the content on your website by yourself. Cutting out the middle man saves you a significant amount of money in marketing and advertising costs.

Having a blog gives your company a voice. Not only does it “speak” to the people that you are looking to reach, it also gives you the opportunity to communicate how you feel is best for your company. Nobody else can speak on your company’s behalf but you. Having the freedom to speak to your tribe however you want gives them a sense of comfort. They feel like you are speaking their language directly to them. They feel like you understand them in a way other companies don’t. That comfort essentially causes them to trust you, which may lead to a sale in the future.

One of the best things about having a blog for your company is the ability to share your company’s story. It gives your audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your day-to-day. Giving your audience a little insight into what you and your team do for them every day, makes them feel like they are a part of the process of developing your company. They celebrate with you when something big happens, and are with you when things don’t work out according to plan. Your audience becomes your extended family.

Writing your blog is only an asset to your company. It’s another tool that can help your company grow faster than traditional marketing methods. Consider writing a blog to help increase the value of your company by taking up a little space in the online world.

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