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Thomas Jannace

I started my business 23 years ago, & presently i have one of the highest possible rating with all of the agencies. I have just received the super service award w/ angies list which only the top 5% of businesses can get . I am a roofing contractor & there are 796 other roofers enrolled , so i consider myself quite successful. I do know what it takes to run a business in every aspect , from the ground up. Over the years i have been approached by many companies that promised me the world in on line advertising , none which even came close, it was all a waste of time & money. When Hozio called me, i almost hung up the phone like i usually do but i decided to listen to them. My gut feeling after speaking with Steve Orindello, was to give it a try. This was by far the best business decision i had made in all of my years. They are pro's at what they do, they are as honest as it gets , which is what i appreciate most. They designed my web page that is amazing , & my customers tell me that all the time, which really helps me convert clicks into jobs. My investment was quit higher than i wanted to spend, & at first I dis agreed w/ Steve on my budget w/ my web & my campaign . All i can say is i am so happy i listened to him. I was so concerned in watching how much i spent, mostly because i still was unsure if the would deliver what they promised. Well now over 1 year later , i could not be happier , & the extra money spent was worth every penny. Thank you Steve, for everything .....Tom Jannace Roofing,Inc

Scarlet Limousine, Inc.

I have been with HOZIO since 2011 and my experience just keeps getting better and better. In an advertising business and Internet marketing it is all about money. The more you spend, the more you get. We had been dealing with Steve who is not only good at what he does but also a great and a very helpful person. He has somehow always managed to work around our budget and make things work out for us with surprisingly great results. He took us through everything step by step and is there whenever we have a question for him. He also gives every company a personal attention and offers help and suggestions doing more than just what his job requirements are. Under their direction, my call volume rapidly went up and continues that way! I would recommend HOZIO to any business that is looking for a rise in their business with the help of Internet marketing. Best Regards, Rito

Craig Redding

Hello, don't usually give reviews, but the service I received from all the people at Hozio deserved mention. The staff was friendly, efficient and most of all prompt. Sometimes I understand that the customer can become a little needy, but they always made me feel like it was just as important to them as it was to me. I look forward to a long relationship with them and will definitely recommend them to other business professionals. Thanks again guys

Joseph Navarra

Hozio has been helping me out with my SEO work for a number of months now. They have been flexible with working within my time frame and I have seen great results so far. I would recommend trying them if you are looking for improvement in your rankings.

Dennis Gatto

Hozio has been an intricate part of my business and because of them I have seen a 20% increase in sales. They are professional, cost effective and I highly recommend them for website development and optimization. Thank you Hozio!

Alex Stern

Great service with even better results! Would highly recommend using this service to any one serious about improving their business