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July 12, 2019
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5 Ways Blogging Can Benefit Your Small Business

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How Can Blogging  Benefit Your Small Business

Every business owner wants to be as successful as possible, but if you own a small business, achieving the success you desire can be really challenging. Between all of the large corporations and other small operations that are vying for the attention of the same target audience that you’re trying to attract, you’ve got a lot of competition.

With so much competition, if you want to reap the success you’re after, you really need to stand out from the crowd. While there are lots of tools available that can improve your visibility and boost your success, there’s one tool that can offer tremendous benefits that many local small business owners aren’t taking advantage of: a blog.  

From increasing your search engine rankings to establishing your authority, here’s a look at five ways a blog can benefit your small business and take your success to the next level.


1. Boosts Your Visibility

With so many websites out there, it’s hard to stand out from the competition. So many small businesses get lost in the sea of sites, but a blog can substantially increase your chances of  being seen.

Google is a big fan of blogs, and being that it’s the most widely used search engine in the world, that means that blogging can make you more visible to prospective site visitors. Google wants to provide their users with the most useful information possible. To do that, the search engine considers more than 200 factors to determine the relevancy of a site, and a blog – if properly optimized – provides a constant supply of new information that the search engine can analyze to determine if your site fulfills the needs of searchers. 

Incorporating keywords, featuring relevant images, writing detailed posts that will really benefit your readers, and incorporating other SEO strategies, you’ll attract Google’s attention, increase your site ranking, and make your site more visible to your targeted audience.

Drives Traffic to Your Site


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The highest ranking sites on Google receive the most traffic. Studies estimate that first position websites receive about 33% of traffic, while second position sites get around 15%, and sites that rank in third place get approximately 9% of traffic. Websites that sit on the first page of Google’s search engine results page get about 75% of traffic from web searchers. 

Since blogging can boost your website ranking and improve its visibility, you’ll receive a lot more traffic. More traffic means more people are looking at the products and services you offer, which can translate to more conversions – and more success for your business.


2. Boosts Your Authority

A blog can make you an authority in your industry; the first name that your target audience thinks of when they’re in need of the products and services you provide. It gives you the chance to highlight your expertise, showcase what makes you stand out from the crowd, and emphasizes why your business will meet the needs of your target audience better than your competitors.

Blogging gives you the chance to really reach your customers on a personal level and allows you to provide them with valuable information. For example, you can answer specific questions that your visitors may have or explain ways that your readers can benefit from the products and services you offer. By providing your readers with useful information and offering solutions to problems they may have, chances are that they’re going to not only remember you and keep coming back to you, but they’re also going to recommend your business to other people. Hence, blogging can boost your authority and give you a competitive edge.


3. Makes You more Likable

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Today’s consumers like to do business with companies that they know and trust. By writing posts that share invaluable information with your readers, answer their questions, and relate to them on a personal level, you’ll instantly make your company more likable.

As discussed, blogging establishes your authority, and when you’re target audience views you as a credible source, they’ll be more inclined to trust and like you. Plus, a blog gives you the chance to share your principles, ideals, and goals; it lets you display the personality of your business and shows your followers that there are real people that they can relate to behind your brand. All of these things combined can really make you stand ahead of your competition.


4. Spreads the Word About Your Business

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Lastly, a blog can help spread the word about your business. As mentioned, when you offer value and are considered an authority in your industry, your readers will be more likely to share your content. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or links featured in other blogs and website content, sharing can help to attract even more attention to your site. More attention further increases your traffic and gives you the opportunity to significantly grow your success.


5. Take the Success of Your Small Business to the Next Level


Take the Success of Your Small Business to the Next Level with Hozio


Given all the benefits it can offer, making a blog a focal point of your marketing strategy is highly recommended. Need help? Contact Hozio, Long Island’s leading SEO firm. Our team can develop and maintain an optimized blog that will provide your small business with tremendous growth opportunities. 

To start taking advantage of the power that blogging can provide, reach out to us today! Call us toll-free at 646.430.9796 or drop us a line at info@hozio.com. Our team is dedicated to helping Long Island and New York small business owners achieve big success, and with a blog built and managed by Hozio, you’ll be able to see the success that you desire and deserve. 

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